You can’t reach the finish line if you don’t run the race.

The best time to start is now.

 You can win at life no matter your age, background, or culture.

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You can only begin to build the life you dream of, when you first allow yourself to move beyond your past. Every aspect of your past has shaped the person you are today. But it doesn’t need to define the person who you choose to be moving forward.

You can take a step to move beyond the struggle and pain of your past experiences toward a life of great, lasting relationships and financial wellbeing.

You can only win if you choose to play.

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In his FREE E-Book “Conversations With Covey”, former Olympian and current Housing and Mortgage VP Brian Covey discusses business from the ground up with success stories from his podcast, including guests David Meltzer, Micheal Burt, Rich Redmond, Brittany Hodak and more. Topics of conversation include:


The secret to arriving on the BIG stages like Shark Tank, and how to use and leverage those stages to maximum impact.


Overcoming immense adversity in order to achieve and create a deep and fulfilling life of impact.


The simple yet life changing way that the world’s top entrepreneurs structure their day.


Embracing stress and making it your biggest ally. 


How the notion of creating an unforgettable “experience” will propel you and your business forward, quickly.


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