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Steve Weatherford: How A Relationship With God Changed His Life

I’m fired up because this is one of my guests that I’ve been trying to get on for a while who not only do I have a ton of respect for, but also somebody that’s going to share some truths and some inspiration. No matter where you are in your life, all of us need a little bit of that hope and inspiration about who we’re created to be and how to live out that life. Our show was designed around learning and growing together. You guys probably know Steve Weatherford because of that part of his life and he’ll share some of that.

He was not only a Super Bowl winner but one of the best punters in the NFL. He’s won significant awards, Muscle & Fitness. You’ve seen what he’s doing. More importantly than that, you guys have heard me talk about my soccer career. Steve’s going to talk about some things that I want to unpack, how he’s living his best life now and has discovered who he was created to be. For all of us, we’re interconnected a lot more than we think. Without further ado, Steve, I could introduce you and give you all lots of accolades, but I want to jump into your story and talk with you.

Brian, thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it. For all of the audience out there, I wanted to honor you, Brian for your persistence and your patience because it’s been a crazy couple of months for me. This is important for me. I’m thankful to be here. I wanted to honor you for your patience to have me on your show and your persistence. You continue to slide in my DM until we were able to find a date that works.

Once I find somebody that I believe there’s a connection and a message that we can deliver to people that will add value and make their lives better, I’m relentless in that because that is where many times, we have those heartstrings tugged on or we have that and we’re like, “Let’s go take action.” Let’s talk about that because your life has been changing quite a bit. You guys moved from California to Texas. Not only that but bringing baby number six into the world. You got a lot going on.

I moved to Texas. We played for ten years in the NFL. We played in New Orleans and Jacksonville. We played for the Jets and the Giants in New York when I was able to be a part of the Super Bowl-winning team, Super Bowl 46, defeating Tom Brady and the Patriots. When we retired, we moved out to San Diego. I feel like during all of the time that I went through quickly, I was constantly searching for things outside of myself, extrinsic things, to be able to validate who I was. It was a season that was dark. Nobody knew what was going on inside of my mind and my heart. They saw the Wikipedia page of achievements and Super Bowls and all the different accolades, but I was broken, beaten and defeated and struggling for an identity.

It wasn’t until I realized who I was that I was able to identify who I was. A lot of us are trying to build a business. I have an opportunity to speak to a lot of entrepreneurs and athletes out there. I believe that my story, my testimony that we’ll get into here in a little bit will speak to a lot of people. You may not be a football player or connect with some of the different things that I’ve done, but I truly believe, from an identity standpoint, that it’s what we’re all trying to do, is we’re trying to figure out who we are in this lifetime. Once we figure out who we are in this lifetime, at that point, I feel like it’s game on. I coach entrepreneurs inside of a group coaching called Kings Council. Our mission statement is to discover, develop and deploy the God-given gifts that we all have.

I truly believe that we all have gifts and an assignment on this planet. I believe those assignments will come in waves of the season. Like you as an athlete, Brian, we had seasons where we were needing to focus on different areas of our life. For me, I fought through a lot of different addictions and coping mechanisms because I had achieved a lot of the things that I thought were going to fix that God-sized hole inside of me. One of the worst things that ever happened to me was doing things like holding the Lombardi Trophy as a Super Bowl champion.

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Having the greatest and the biggest game of my life only to walk into my hotel room and the first moment that I had by myself was the most depressing moment that I’ve ever had in my life. Everything that it required, all the sacrifices, the disciplines and the things that I made up in my mind that once I get to this point and I achieved this goal, I’ll feel good about myself. I’ll feel valuable, loved and that I’m enough. That’s not the case. I was soul-searching during that whole season in San Diego of trying to figure out who I was and what I was meant to do on this planet. In the season that I am right now, I know who I am and most importantly, who’s I am. It was a great introduction that you gave me, but I’d like to reintroduce myself. My name is Steve Weatherford. I’m a man of integrity, honor and accountability. I’m a son and a word of the one most high. I’m glad to be here.

I’ve listened to you enough. I love the energy and passion you bring. When you find your purpose and you start to align with that, the energy that God can give you is beyond anything you’ve ever felt. The euphoria of winning a Super Bowl, even which most people would trade anything to be part of that experience and that team. When you start to figure out who you are, that’s when things start to align and click. I’d love to go back a little bit because it’s important for both of us being athletes and you’re in these seasons and sometimes you don’t know if it’s you, is this normal, is this what other guys are dealing with? You talked about that as like there are addictions, loneliness and depression. When you were going through that, you probably had some seasons or people may be around you, but were other people aware of this or are you trying to keep that inside and figure it out yourself? What was that journey like for you as you dealt with some of those feelings?

I feel like there were indicators, but when you’re addicted to something like pain pills or pornography, it’s not can smell liquor on your breath. It’s not like they can say, “Steve, you were in the bathroom for twelve minutes instead of eight minutes when you were going to the bathroom.” It was a silent struggle that I was going through. I didn’t have a pain pill problem. I didn’t have pornography or sex addiction or drug addiction problems. I had a rejection problem. I would find money or gambling or anything that would make these dopamine releases go off in your brain.

I believe that a lot of people hearing my voice right now can connect with that. For some people, it might be food or achieving, but for me, once I would step into the arena with one thing and beat it, then I would replace it with another thing. I grew up in the church and it wasn’t until I got away from religion and stepped into a relationship with Jesus Christ that everything shifted for me because I didn’t feel alone anymore. I felt like I was partnered with something that was so much bigger than me and something that did allow His grace to wash over me to allow me to see who I am. It’s like when you get out of the shower, you’ve been in there for 10, 15 minutes and it was a hot shower and you dry off. You look in the mirror and it’s foggy and there’s this distorted image that you’re seeing of yourself or like when you go to the carnival and they got these funky mirrors that some of them make you look short and wide and some of them make you look tall and thin.

Those were the mirrors that I was viewing myself from. There’s a scripture in the Bible that says, “Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” That’s exactly what I needed. I needed a renewing of my mind. I needed Jesus Christ to come to wipe that mirror down and show me who I was, who’s I was and what I was created to do here on this planet because life can seem like it drudges along in certain seasons. I look back at my life and it has gone by so fast. It’s important that I feel like every single person that’s reading do inventory in your life and ask yourself, “Is the mirror that I’m viewing myself inaccurate? Have I allowed something that a teacher told me in seventh grade or maybe it was something that you didn’t get from your father?” What happened to me was I was sexually abused when I was twelve.

That’s when everything changed for me, because how could somebody love me if they knew how dirty I was and how much shame I had inside of me. After that happened, you don’t talk to people about it. You go and you achieve. You go and build an empire and you go when you get married and you do all the things that you think you’re supposed to do, that you are raised up in religion to do, but why don’t you feel any different about who you are? That was a major struggle for me. When you asked me the question, did people know what I was going through, my answer to you is if they did, they weren’t good friends.

I love that you opened up about this because for a lot of people out there, they don’t have someone they can connect with and they’ve experienced something that you shared, whatever that addiction might be. There are many others that we all have dealt with. To recognize that’s not the way we’re intended to live. I love that mirror analogy because we’ve all been there. It’s gotten harder. When we grew up, we didn’t have the social media stuff that we have now. I think about my three kids, my oldest turned fourteen and what she has to deal with as a girl and a teenager and social media that’s there and to make sure that she finds that and stays true to that identity.

BCS 43 | Relationship With God

Relationship With God: If something is not bringing a return on the investment you’re putting in, don’t continue it. Shift gears and go in a different direction.


I’d love to get your insights on this because I know we’re going to unpack some of this evolution and transformation. I love your story there. I want to make sure for all the football fans that love you and I had several people going, “You got to ask him this question.” What was your favorite moment that you take away from the playing days outside of the Super Bowl? That could be a pinnacle, but something that Steve took away maybe as a lesson or a high point.

It was pulling my son out of the stadium. It was February 5th, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re playing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. The game was great, with amazing memories. I had the best game of my life. My first punt was down to the two-yard line the next play in tuck, sacked Tom Brady in the end zone for the first two points of the Super Bowl. I remember him running to the sideline. I’m over there with the kicker, disconnected from the team. I remember him coming up to me and picking me up and holding me up like a little boy and acknowledging my value to the team and saying like, “I never would have been able to do that if you didn’t do what you were built to do.”

That wasn’t my favorite moment. My favorite moment was when the game was over and the clock struck zero and the confetti’s coming down and I’m, “I’m a world champion.” The only thing I could think was like, “Where’s my son.” He was old enough to know what was going on at the time. He was four and a half years old. I remember pulling him out of the stadium stairs as my wife handed him to me and he said, “Dad, we did it.” I was super thankful that when I was a rookie or in my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th year that I didn’t win the Super Bowl because I believe the greatest moments in life are never moments that are yours. They are always moments that are shared. He’s my best friend.

He’s a guy that has seen my life of addiction, my life with depression, anxiety and so much pain. He was there in the moment where everything changed. He literally has had a front row seat to the transformational power of Jesus Christ and what he’s done in me. He hasn’t seen me be happy. He’s seen me shift the father, the friend, the husband, the leader, the entrepreneur and the speaker that I am. Everything changed at the moment. He was able to see that. He’s been the beneficiary of God’s grace in my life. I truly believe this, Brian, that God has given me another son, not so I can do what I didn’t do well with Ace, because up until about nine years old, I was confused about who I was.

I believe it’s difficult to know what to do as a father even when you know who you are. When you don’t know who you are, it’s confusing to know what to do. I believe once you have your identity founded in something like Jesus, in my opinion, he is the only way to true and permanent change, but he saw what God did in me and through me. Now he sees what God is doing with me in the way that I’m able to go on stages and speak so confidently. It’s not because I practiced so much and I’m so gifted. It has nothing to do with that. It’s when you partner with the Holy Spirit, you’re able to put super on your natural. All of the gifts that we have are amazing. I was a great athlete. I worked hard to increase those skills and develop those skills and then to deploy those skills and monetize those skills, but it didn’t bring any fruit into my life.

It gave the fruit to other people. It gave entertainment to fans. It gave money to my bank account. It gave comfort to my family, but what did it do for me? It didn’t do anything for me. It was probably negative, because when we won that Super Bowl and I remember the halftime. I’m remembering this later on as I’m watching the game, but at halftime of the game, I had four punts. Every single time that I walked off of the field, Tom Brady started inside of his ten-yard line. For the football fans, you guys will understand this. When you have to snap the ball from the 2, 4, 6 and 8-yard line, you have to change your whole game plan. I made it difficult with my performance for Bill Belichick to call the plays that he planned on calling because he wasn’t assuming that he was only going to have a little bit of area for Tom Brady to drop back in the pocket.

A perfect example was the first snap he had after my first punt was a safety. My next punt was at the 4-yard line, then it was the 8-yard line, and then it was the 6-yard line. Bill Belichick had to reconfigure his game plan in attacking the New York Giants because of my performance. I remember at halftime because of how the ball was bouncing for me and how I was performing that Al Michaels said to Cris Collinsworth, he said, “Chris, I don’t think I’ve ever said this and I’ll probably never say it again, but at halftime, the Super Bowl 46, if I had to give an MVP, I’d give it to the punter, Steve Weatherford.” I am so glad, Brian, that they didn’t have the TV’s on in the locker room the way that they normally do, because if I would’ve heard that, I would have been late coming up for the second half because I would have had to change my pants. It was unbelievable.

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That was the type of game that I had. After the game was over, my wife, my dad, all of my family is there. I’m from Terre Haute, Indiana. That’s 47 miles from where I went to high school. Not to just have a performance that, but to have a performance like that and know that as a punter, normally I’m not the one that shifts the momentum in the game, but in this particular game, on this particular day, I was one of the most valuable people of the 53 people on that team. I have the Lombardi Trophy right here. It’s something that’s special to me, but it is a reminder that there is nothing that we can achieve in this lifetime because I’ve done a lot of them.

I’m sure there are a lot of readers that have maybe done things that are cooler than me in their industry and their space but if you’re thinking that there’s going to be something that I say that’s going to allow you to achieve something that’s going to fill the God-sized hole inside of you, I’m sorry to disappoint you guys, that is not going to happen. I will talk to you about a relationship that is free, that you can enter into that all you have to do is receive and believe and it can change the way that you think, speak and do. Ultimately, it will change the way that you be. That, to me, was the reason why the Super Bowl was probably my most depressing moment because I have everybody.

I’m talking to 124 million people, Brian, that are watching on TV and another 100,000 in the stadium stairs, my cousins and everybody I went to high school. They weren’t at the game, they were watching it and I’ll never forget going to the post-party and having all of my teammates and the coaches. Kenny Chesney’s on the stage playing a private show for 120 people. It was the most surreal experience. At the end of the game in the NFL, they don’t let anybody come onto the floor that the team is staying on for obvious reasons. You want to protect the shield and make sure that nothing happens on that stage or on that floor.

I remember putting my key card in walking into my hotel room, walking past the bed and I was about to sit down on the little chase lounge that they had. I heard a bunch of noise at the window. I walk up to this full-size window. I looked down from the seventeenth floor in Indianapolis, Indiana. I see an ocean of people wearing all different NFL jerseys. Everybody is high-fiving and they’re having fun. Even the Patriots fans were having fun because they’re at the Super Bowl. It’s the biggest party that there is. I remember thinking to myself and taking a deep breath. Before I could let that breath out, there was this massive wave of depression and anxiety that came over me because I realized I did everything even more than what I thought was possible in that game and I didn’t feel any different.

I thought about all the sacrifices and all the disciplines and all the early mornings and all the late nights and all the injuries and all the treatments and all the things that went into that achievement. The fact that I didn’t feel any different, is the apex of sports. I knew that there was nothing else inside of the National Football League that would be better than this and would change how I felt about myself. After my seventh year winning the Super Bowl, becoming a franchise punter, which never happens. The Giants have only tagged two players in their whole 80-year history. After that game, because of the value that I brought to the team and it was the last year of my contract, they wanted to stop me from being able to go to a different team, so they put the franchise tag on me.

Literally, everything that I could have ever wanted, I had. I felt terrible about myself because if there was anything more for me to achieve, Brian, it was going to require even more of a sacrifice, even the next level of discipline. I knew that the ROI on that investment was heading in a negative direction. It’s when there might be some investors on here and I know that you work in the wealth-creating space. Once you see something that is not bringing a return on the investment that you’re putting in, you don’t continue to put it into it. You shift gears and you go in a different direction. I knew that my days in the NFL were numbered. I knew that I was going to play for maybe another 2 or 3 years and then try to get my money and find something else that was going to fill that hole inside of me.

I’d love to unpack some of that because there are some correlations. As you’re talking about that, there are some similar stories that overlap. Our two sons are about seven years apart. I always say God gave us our second son to realize I wasn’t as present. I probably didn’t know what I was doing. I know that for sure. I screwed up a lot of stuff. I was like, “Thank you,” because it’s given us a chance. That way, we learned and become better parents, but it’s all through him. I love that you talked about this discipline and commitment. Religion was tough because you’re told what to do. If you don’t do it right, then you’re dealing with all this struggle.

BCS 43 | Relationship With God

Relationship With God: It doesn’t matter what was done to you or what you’ve done. God loves you, and He has a purpose for you on this planet.


It made you feel bad about yourself.

It’s almost like the comparison game and you’re measuring up and you’re not there. We’re similar in the age to that we came up with that and things happen. People go away a little bit and come back. Your faith has been an anchor for you. I’m curious as you’ve come back. Studying for this was so much fun preparing. Tell me about when you guys were in California, you talked about you found a great church, which is invaluable. That community, they are there for us. We had our first two kids. Thank goodness we had a church because we had nobody else in Florida. At that time, there was no family there. What was that experience like for you to plug back in? There are some readers that maybe were brought up in the church, but maybe gone astray, not sure they’re going to be welcomed back, want to go back, or any of that. You went back in and you found a complete reawakening.

When I was invited back to that church, when you say I was disconnected, I was disconnected, but I was uninterested also. I grew up in the church with great parents, but I felt like every time I went to church, I left feeling worse than when I walked in. We look at the Ten Commandments, Brian, I was like, “Thou shall not steal.” I’m a thief. “Thou shall not lie. Thou shall not covet.” All these different things. I’m like, “I feel bad. I feel worse. I feel terrible. Now, I’m depressed. Can we get out of here?” Church to me was something that was checking the box because it was something like you go to school Monday through Friday, “I was a good boy. Why do I have to go to church?” It was almost like a punishment or checking the box.

I got into the NFL. I’m playing football on Sundays. I didn’t have an opportunity to plug in and get mentorship and to have a spiritual father to be able to speak life into me and to be able to have somebody to mirror who I truly was to me accurately. I want people to hear me when I say this. It’s difficult to read the ingredients of who you are from inside the bottle. What am I made of? What are my gifts? Sometimes that’s hard for us to tell what they are because we only have our own experience. That was difficult for me. Once we retired from the NFL and we moved out to San Diego and I had an opportunity to plug into a new team because that was the cool thing about football. The depressing thing about leaving it is it didn’t matter if it was the New Orleans Saints or the Kansas City Chiefs or the Jacksonville Jaguars or the New York Jets or the New York Giants. As soon as I walked into a locker room, I had a leader and I had men who valued what I valued. What did we value? It’s winning.

We had a goal, structure, order, strategy and intention. When I retired from the NFL, I accepted a job at ESPN. I had a primetime radio show with millions of listeners in New York City. There are ten million people on that tiny little island. My show reached from Nova Scotia all the way down to Miami, Florida. I had listeners all over the place. I thought like, “After I retired, this is going to benefit me because now I can maybe make a difference in people’s lives. Maybe I’m depressed because I’ve been doing everything for me.” I then felt stymied and thwarted by my producers. They wouldn’t let me speak my truth. I remember becoming so frustrated because during the seasons that Tim Tebow was trying to get back into the NFL, I felt like we were talking about Tim Tebow every day. Granted, I honored Tim Tebow. He’s one of the best Christians on the planet but he wasn’t a good football player.

I was frustrated that we had to keep talking about somebody that wasn’t good and I didn’t have the ability to influence the content of what I was speaking about. We ended up retiring from my media career in New York after two years. After retirement, we moved out to San Diego and I got invited to a church called Awaken Church in San Diego, California with Pastor Jurgen Matthesius. It was a different church. They introduced me to the Holy Spirit. If people are confused as to what that is, that is the spirit of God that is here on this Earth. He is here. I believe that he’s here with us right now. I believe he’s given me the words to say. I’m praying and believing that he’s giving you the ears to hear right now, not hear my voice in here, but all the cool stuff that I’ve done.

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The thing that I want you to hear is God’s grace and God’s transformational power. It doesn’t matter what was done to you or what you’ve done, God loves you and God has a purpose for you on this planet. I realized that when I got to this church, but it wasn’t like everything has changed in a moment, Brian. I went to church. I sat in the back row. I tried not to get noticed and hoping that people didn’t see that there was a football player in there. I would walk in five minutes late, so I didn’t have to meet anybody. I would walk out five minutes early, so I didn’t have to meet anybody. I still didn’t feel like I belong because I was still carrying that weight of all the drugs that I’ve done, all the people that I’ve lied to, all the women that I’ve taken advantage of, all the drugs that had gone up to my nose and the thing that happened to me when I was twelve.

There was no way that people could love me if they knew how disgusting and dirty that I was. It was about a year and a half of going to this church and then I was invited to this men’s conference called EMERGE Conference where about 2,000 and men go out in the middle of the desert and stay in RVs and tents. We have incredible speakers and worship. We compete in games and we eat meat and do man stuff. To me, that fit my prototype. I was a man’s man. I chewed tobacco. I drank Jack Daniels. They had this exercise when you got there where they gave you this 2X4 Brian. They had two holes on each end of the 2X4 that had a string that went through it that you were supposed to wear this 2X4 for the three days that we were there.

Before you put it on, they gave you a marker, a Sharpie, they asked you to write all of the weight that you were carrying around with you, all the things that you were struggling with. I remember writing down lust, pornography, Percocets, alcohol, winning and money because those were the things that I felt had their hooks in me. I almost ran out of room on that burden. I wrote all these things on the burden. We competed on the first day. They had a speaker in the introduction. It was a good time. I was having fun, but I wasn’t like I changed. I had to ask special permission for my son to come with me. He was eleven years old at the time. On the second day, the main keynote speaker introduced him. They said his name. He walks onto the stage. He’s this great big guy. He’s like 6’6, big arms, super athletic.

He grabbed the microphone. I’ll never forget it, Brian, as soon as he spoke his first words into the microphone, I felt like I got hit by a lightning bolt. My whole body started to buzz. I started to sweat, but not in a bad way, but in like a, “Something’s different.” It almost felt like I’ve never done heroin or crack. I assume that it would feel like when that drug hits your brain and everything feels good. I looked to my left and I asked my friend, I’m like, “What’s this guy’s name?” He told me his name. I remember Googling it. A picture popped up of him breaking bricks. There was another image of him breaking handcuffs. I said, “This guy was in the Power Team.”

It took me back to 25 years before that. The moment that I received Jesus was when the Power Team in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Comite Baptist Church. I wanted nothing to do with Jesus. I went to church up until eleven years old. I went to this Power Team concert. It was the first time that I had experienced a Christian that didn’t wear khakis, that didn’t tuck his shirt in, that didn’t drive some busted car. This dude was big and strong. They call it WWE now, but he looked like a WWF wrestler. He looked like Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior combined into one, but the difference between those wrestlers and Keith Craft was this guy was doing incredible feats of strength, but he wasn’t saying, “My name’s Keith Craft. Go in the back, buy my t-shirts, my books, my vitamins. Get my posters. Spend your money and worship me.” It was quite the opposite.

He was doing all these incredible feats of strength and he was saying, “I’m doing these by the power of Jesus’s name.” I was like, “I want what that guy’s got.” He said, “If you want what I have, you can have it for free. All you need to do is believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. You need to believe that Jesus was sent to this Earth, that he lived a perfect life. You need to believe that he was buried in a grave for three days and he rose again. If you believe these things and you’re willing to receive Jesus Christ into your heart, he will forgive everything that was done to you. He will forgive everything that you have done. He will wash you clean, white as snow.”

I was like, “That’s amazing. I want some of that.” I received Jesus and I go back to school. It clicks back into the normal way of life but I was changed from the standpoint of I was exposed to the possibility of what a Christian could be, because the only exposure to Christians that I had was my dad and the guys that went to church with my dad. They all wore khakis. They were not impressive. I honor my father. He’s an amazing man, but he’s an executive cost analysis. There’s nothing that’s super attractive to me about that because I love athletics. A year goes by, in seventh grade, I had a teacher that did things to me that no man should ever do to anyone. He stole my innocence.

BCS 43 | Relationship With God

Relationship With God: You can get anything for free by believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He lived a perfect and sinless life.


He did things to me mentally and physically that changed me forever. I carried all of that weight into this EMERGE Conference. When Keith Craft walked onto the stage, I knew the day that I got saved. I looked at the date, it was 25 years to the day that this man walked back into my life. I don’t remember anything that he shared from the stage because my mind is whirling like, “Is this real?” It was the first time that I felt like God does orchestrate all things for good. I’m realizing at this moment that all of the things that I’ve done, all of the things that were done to me, it says in scripture that the enemy will use things for evil, but God will use them for good. I don’t believe that God author sexual abuse in my life. I don’t believe that God offered addictions and these different things in my life, but I do believe that God will not waste what happens in your life, cancer, people dying, all of these awful things that happen to people and they get mad at God.

I got mad at God, because after I got saved and then that happened, I’m like, “If God is real and I’m saved, then he should take care of me.” I’m reading a book by Ron Carpenter Jr. I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s called The Necessity of an Enemy. It’s interesting. The takeaways that I’m having from it right now are if we want to step into our next season of life if we want promotion in life, not just in our job, but if we want to be promoted in life, we need enemies. Think about it. Without Pharaoh, we wouldn’t have the Ten Commandments because we wouldn’t have Moses.

What about Samson? Samson was my favorite biblical character. He was so strong. He killed so many bad people, the Philistines in his first season. In his first season, he still wouldn’t have been a biblical superhero if it wasn’t for Delilah. Delilah convinced him to cut his hair, which was the source of his power, because of that, he stepped into a new season because he was able to defeat that enemy, Delilah, and God promoted him into a season where he saved God’s people by killing so many Philistines, you couldn’t even count them. The last biblical character that I wanted to highlight in regard to the necessity of an enemy was a goat herder, a sheepherder, a tiny, skinny, little boy named David.

David believed that God had a plan for him. He believed so much that he was willing to step into an arena that nobody else was willing to step into, to stand face-to-face with a, not a figurative, literal giant that was nine feet tall. The strongest guy that’s probably ever lived. He was able to defeat him because he stepped into a season with that enemy. He believed that God had a purpose for him. He trusted God and he was able to defeat him. He went from a goat herder to King David, a guy like God’s favorite son, one of God’s favorite people. The reason he was able to be favored by God is because he was willing to step into the arena and do something that in his power, in his natural, was not able to do.

God puts super on his natural because of obedience, because of that, he’s superstar of the Bible. I believe God wants the same thing for us, but we have to be willing to face those demons, those enemies and welcome enemies and welcome adversity as a stepping stone into the next season. I’ll take it back to the burden and Keith Craft. I remember after he got done speaking, I ran up to the stage and there are 2,000 men that are mobbing this guy. In my mind, I imagine it like a biblical movie. I’m grabbing guys by the back of the neck, shoving them out of the way and taken advantage of my physical prowess. I end up getting up to him and shaking his hand. I’m like, “Mr. Craft, you’re never going to believe this, but I got saved when I was eleven years old. As soon as I got saved, I went home and my mom got so mad at me because I started taking all of the iron hangers out of the closet and bending them over my head in Jesus’ name and breaking the little pieces of wood in the garage. My dad got so mad at me.”

It changed all of my tomorrows. I remember every single Christmas after that moment, I asked for weight sets. Remember those springs that you pull apart. I don’t know what it’s called, but I asked for one of those. I asked for the handgrip thing so you can exercise the strength of your hands. He challenged me that I could be a Christian, but I could be strong, mighty and radical. I could wear an earring. I could dye my hair. I could have tattoos and still love Jesus. That was a good thing. He gave me permission to be radical because growing up, especially in my family, I felt like not just the black sheep, I felt like an alien from another planet. I have extreme ADHD, if you haven’t noticed yet. I’m built differently. I got in trouble every single day. None of my brothers and sister got in trouble. I got kicked out of Sunday school. That’s how bad it was.

That’s supposed to be the place where everybody’s welcome. I shared all these things with him. I vomited it to him. He was like, “That’s crazy. Take my number, let’s talk later.” He’s been mentoring me and coaching me. He’s been my spiritual father since that moment. That’s the reason that I moved to Texas. It wasn’t to get away from liberals or any of this other stuff. I came to Texas because I understand that proximity is power and that he has what I want. He has the fruit in his life that I want. He has the marriage that I want. He is the business coach that I want to be. He is the father that I want to be. He stewards his time and his money and his talents better than anybody that I know. In addition, he looks different.

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He is a beast and I had never met a Christian like that. I had only been exposed to khaki-wearing Christians. I went up there and I vomited all of this to him. I remember walking back to my seat. I felt like I was walking on clouds like, “This can’t be real. I can’t believe this.” I talked to one of my buddies and I’m like, “Where’s my son?” Brian, my son was up at the front of the stage and he gave his life to Jesus. You want to talk about like, is God real? If you give God a chance, he will prove it to you that he is real, not just that he’s real, but he will prove to you that he loves you, that he will forgive you, that he will appoint a purpose in your life.

I believe that what the enemy meant for evil, God is using for good right now on this show, at this moment. If I wouldn’t have gone through sexual abuse and all of the horrible, nasty, terrible things that I’ve done and that was done to me, I don’t believe that my testimony would be nearly as strong. We would be sitting here talking about how cool it is to make a couple of million dollars kicking a football and, “You have six kids. Awesome, Steve. Why don’t you talk to me about time management things that may help people, but it’s not going to heal people. I believe that God has taken me into a season where I have the balls to show my scars so other men and women can heal.” Later that night, they had this exercise where we take the burdens that we’ve been wearing around for three days that were uncomfortable because we weren’t allowed to take them off.

When you’re sitting at church, you’re wearing your burden. We throw them into the fire and ask the Holy Spirit, “Take this away from me.” I remember in a moment, a supernatural power came upon me and I had hope like, “It’s not like I went home and still didn’t have sexual urges when I was sad that I didn’t want to go into the bathroom and take drugs or use the computer or any of these other things,” but it gave me hope. Not only did it give me hope, but it also reminded me that there are 1,999 other men that threw burdens in there as well and that I’m not alone. Once I was able to align myself with people who value what I value, that’s what alignment is, is when you find people who value what you value. I believe that’s the reason that Holy Spirit highlighted me to you because you value what I value.

You’re allowing me to have space on a platform and on a show that you’ve worked hard to bring up. You put a lot of money, resource and energy into getting people to come on here to speak their truth to help other people. For that, I want to honor you. I want to thank you. When we got on here, he didn’t say, “Steve, we’d like you to talk about this and this.” He said, “I listened to your testimony. It’s powerful. This is the type of audience that we have. I would love to have a conversation for people to read and benefit from.” I want to honor you and thank you for that.

I’m literally listening to that. I have a couple of takeaways. One, it’s cool how God worked where you were eleven when you first got to go through. Your son’s eleven and that’s all happening. You get to do life together. I always say this, is there is nothing we can do on this Earth, you can’t make enough money and friends. You can’t do anything that you’re going to have to check the boxes to get into heaven. I love that you shared that. We all have similar feelings. We’ve all been beat up. We’ve had things happen and they’re different, but you can either turn those into a beautiful testimony and a powerful one like you’ve done, or we can sit back and say, “It was me.” I don’t believe God is a timid God at all. Also, think back to, he does want us to test him in that a bit and say like, “Let me show you who I am. Let me unveil who I am and who you were created to be.”

I love how you stepped into it. You are affirming me, that’s great. That’s what I wanted you on here for. Let me affirm you because you are gaining traction. God is using you in a unique season, in a unique time in our lives that there are a lot of believers out there looking for permission or looking for what does a strong Christian man look like now. More of us need to do that. That was part of the purpose. We need more of us to unite and to serve the world as Jesus did and just to love people because people are hurting. They need help. You brought that.

We can go on YouTube and read a book about time management, how to get your schedule right, how to learn about stock trading and all that stuffs out there. You can learn it. This is stuff that’s got to be in the heart. I know we could go on forever. I want to give you a chance. Is there anything on your heart or anything that we didn’t cover that you want to add to what we’ve talked about because it’s been impactful to me? I want to make sure we leave some space for anything that we didn’t touch on.

BCS 43 | Relationship With God

Relationship With God: If you want to step into your next season of life, you need enemies.


Thank you for allowing me to have some space to do that. I want everybody to know that God loves you. I want everybody to know that God wants to do for you what he did for me. He wants to put super on your natural. My natural was great. I worked hard at my natural. You might be sitting there and you don’t like your natural. That’s okay. God wants to meet you exactly where it is that you’re at. I also want to encourage people to have a sense of urgency. I think about my father. I had an opportunity to have him on my group coaching call for the Kings Council. It was the first time that I’ve made space for my dad to be a part of my ministry and my mission here on this planet. It healed me so much, Brian.

I want people to have a sense of urgency and to understand that you are a fighter jet. If you can get clear on two things, intention and strategy, because when I came home from EMERGE, from that conference, it wasn’t like everything that was hard for me was gone. I realized that I wasn’t alone. Every time that I had those different urges or depression come upon me or anxiety come upon me, I stopped and made space and I asked God-like, “God, I can’t do this. I physically and mentally and emotionally and spiritually can’t do this. Would you partner with me? Would you go before me? Would you make a way?” It says in scripture that he is the way-maker. He wants to make way for every single person that is hearing my voice.

I’m not saying this to be motivational. I’m saying this because this is biblical. To this day, nobody has found the bones of Jesus. There are the bones of Buddha and these other figurines of religion. Nobody has found the bones of Jesus because he’s alive and he’s living. To circle it back to my dad, I might have my dad for maybe twenty more years. He’s 22 years old. If he makes it to 82, that’ll be the longest than anybody in his family has made it. That’s probably being generous. I see my dad two times a year, Brian. That means I’m going to see my father 40 more times before he dies. I want people to understand your tomorrows are not promised. I want you to understand that this day, right now at this moment, the Holy Spirit wants to come upon you and he wants to partner with you and he wants to change all of your tomorrows.

He doesn’t want to promise you tomorrow. He wants to guarantee you today. He wants to love you through what you’re going through right now, because I know every person that’s reading is either in adversity right now, about to go into adversity or coming out of adversity. This is the only way to true and permanent change. I’m here to tell you I’ve tried everything else. I’ve put drugs up my nose. I’ve done it all. None of it has changed me. One person has changed me, the only person that has lived a sinless life. It’s a sense of urgency. I want to share my why is the thing that continually is because it’s not like my life is so much easier now. It’s a whole lot easier for me to come on a show and talk to you guys about Veritas Labs, my health and wellness supplement company, and make money that way.

I have nothing to sell you, but I do have something to offer you. When I stand before God, he’s going to ask me two questions, Brian, he’s going to say, “Steve, with the time and the gifts that I’ve given you, what did you do with them? Did you multiply them? Did you use them? Did you develop them to make an impact on my children, or did you keep them to yourself and win a bunch of Super Bowls and make a bunch of money and have a huge house and fancy friends?” He’s going to ask me another question. He’s going to say, “Steve, with the life that I’ve given you, how many times and how many people did you tell about my son, Jesus Christ, that came to this planet for one reason, to give you everlasting life and to destroy the works of the devil?”

I want to be able to look over my right shoulder and I can see it in my mind, Brian. I want this line to be so long that you can’t see the end of it. Not for me, not for the glory of Steve, but for the glory of God. I believe that’s my assignment on this planet. Every time somebody gives me an opportunity to speak my truth, that’s exactly what I’m going to speak. I’m going to speak my truth because I was able to receive Jesus Christ’s truth. The last thing I’d like to do, I would love to tell people what that looks like and if they’re interested in entering into a relationship, not religion, I’m not talking to you about religion, entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s as simple as this.

Repeating these words, I believe that Jesus Christ was the son of man. I believe that he lived a sinless life. I believe that he was dead and buried for three days. By a supernatural act of God, he was risen from the grave. I believe that he died on the cross before he went into that grave. I believe he did that to take away the sins of this world and the sins of me. All the things that were done to me and all the things that I did that I have so much shame and guilt about, I believe that Jesus Christ will take those away in an instant. If you repeat those words and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, I promise you this, guys, there is a party in heaven and angels are rejoicing because there’s a book in heaven called the Lamb’s Book of Life. When you say that prayer, it is written down, not in Sharpie. It is written in stone that you will live forever and he’s not just changing when you die. He will partner with you on this planet. He will enrich your life. He will empower you and he will put super on your natural. I say all of these things in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Amen. Thank you for being you and staying true to who God created you to be in sharing this because I know people will be impacted. That’s why I want to have you on. Thank you for speaking that truth and sharing. I’m sure our paths will continue to cross. We’ll be praying for you as your new son comes into the world. It’s another disciple. Thank you for what you’re doing. Where can people follow you? I know sometimes people are reading and they’re like, “I got some heartstrings tugging. I feel some of this, but I’m not there yet. I need some resources.” Where can they go to follow you or some resources after to connect up and take some next steps in their journey?

Text message me. This is the ultimate. When I say ultimate, I mean with everything available to me on planet Earth. My ultimate desire is for you to pray the prayer that I said. If you did, I would love for you to text message me because I will send you some gifts in the mail. My number is (949) 763-5934. Add me to your contact list. I’m going to send you a message of hope and encouragement nearly every single morning. I’m not going to sell you things. I also want to communicate with you. I want to know your name, your struggle and your home address. I’m going to send you things. I may give you a text message when I come to the city that you’re in. That’s all that I want.

I want to connect with people. I want to pray with people. I want to disciple people because, in addition to enrolling people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, I don’t want to leave you on the doorstep once that happens. I want to give you the resources that you need. I’m going to send you some books about what that decision meant and where do I go from now and how I continue to develop myself. I believe that’s my assignment, is to help men and women discover, develop and deploy their God-given gift. I read this in a book. There was a study done in Switzerland that revealed that 99% of our DNA is exactly the same. There’s only a 1% difference between Brian Covey and Steve Weatherford and you that’s reading. I want you to embrace that.

Me, I’m sensitive and emotional. I have ADHD. I am unique, but I want you to know that you’re unique as well. That’s a great thing. God did that for a reason because you have an assignment on this planet. I want to help you to discover what your 1% is. I want to help you develop it and make it to where it’s not just a gift, but it’s a skill. Once it becomes a skill, you can deploy a skill out into the Earth. Our assignment is to be fruitful, multiply, fill the Earth and take dominion. I want to help you take dominion. I want to help you take territory in your life. I don’t want you to walk around being a khaki-wearing Christian. I want you to be a radical son or daughter of the one most high.

Text message me at (949) 763-5934. I also have a podcast, the real original name, Brian, The Steve Weatherford Show. We talk about a lot of the things that we’ve spoken about here. I shared my full testimony. We got bits and pieces of it. I released my full testimony for the first time because I’ve been working on it for quite a while. I released it. I’m praying and believing that the Holy Spirit’s going to give people the ears to hear. It’s not going to be about my story, but it’s going to be about the saving grace and the power and the forgiveness of the one most high.

Your team had sent that over. It’s phenomenal. We’re going to be sharing that out. We’re going to be sharing out information about Kings Council if you want to learn more there. You guys, we’re here with you. We’re doing life together. That’s what God created us to do. If you have any questions, anything afterwards, we’re going to help you with that. What an incredible episode. Thank you. This is one that I’ve been looking forward to because in seasons in our life, we want to make a massive difference beyond this life. That’s what we hope we did. I hope you guys enjoy it. Share this with your friends and make sure you get this message out to as many people as you can. We appreciate you and we’ll catch you on the next episode.


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