In this episode, Brian talks to loanDepot founder and CEO, Anthony Hsieh.


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Anthony Hsieh is a first-generation American and self-made entrepreneur. Born in Taiwan, he immigrated to the United States with his parents when he was a young child. As the family’s appointed representative, Anthony became adept at negotiating major purchases while also managing larger financial decisions at a very young age. These early life experiences left an indelible mark, and instilled within him the importance of helping families across the nation attain their dreams of homeownership. Beyond that, these experiences ignited a passion to create technology that would transform the mortgage experience into something clear and straightforward.


Today, Hsieh is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and his technological vision. A national mortgage industry expert and innovator who has successfully navigated multiple housing and economic cycles, Hsieh is highly regarded for his market timing and industry acumen, and his commentary is regularly sought out on air and on stage. Hsieh also is a dedicated philanthropist, overseeing the distribution of millions of dollars in charitable donations to organizations nationwide.


Hsieh’s relentless pursuit of innovation is fed by a desire to lead the industry with honesty and integrity. He founded loanDepot in 2010 with a commitment to responsible lending and a goal of exceeding customer expectations. The timing was courageous, as many lenders were choosing to leave the industry following the 2008 economic crisis. Not only did he and the company succeed, it excelled, growing from less than 50 employees to become a 7,000-plus-strong workforce. Today, the company is well known as a national lending powerhouse, and has funded more than $212 billion since its inception.


You’ll learn: 

  • loanDepot’s NextX plans in a virtual environment
  • How technology has transformed business
  • His passion for giving back to America’s heroes 

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