In this episode, Brian talks to people and culture development expert, Rocky Garza. Rocky is a professional speaker and workshop leader dedicated to helping you understand what it means to be human and challenges audiences to consider their motivations, inspirations, and fears.  *****LISTEN to this episode and subscribe at***** He reminds leaders, teams, and organizations that every person is, at their core, just a human. Rocky explores relationship management and humanity through his Personal Identity Mapping service – an examination of how and why people do the things that they do. The result is intense clarity and deep learning about the ‘one’ whole person we really are, and the realization that we need to be that same person in every part of our life: as a servant leader, as a respectful partner, as a key teammate, and as a difference maker and engaged member of our families and communities. Rocky’s high-energy and caring approach was developed during his seven-year tenure as director of ministry at one of the largest youth camps in Texas, and as a member of the pastoral staff at Chase Oaks Church in Dallas. Rocky is a graduate of Texas A&M University and is founder and principal of, a leadership development practice that works with key executives, business owners and departments/teams on creating the clearest picture they’ve ever had of themselves.  Rocky’s fast-growing popularity and outsized results have earned him invitations to work with leading companies and associations like Grant Thornton, Kwik Kar, The Adolphus Hotel, Headington Companies, Connective Agency, Glass Heel, the DRC Young Professional Summit, and many more. You’ll learn: Best practices for finding your pathThe power of self talkThe struggle of hours in versus productivity out  Connect with Rocky here: Website: https://rockygarza.comJoin the Daily Rock: