In this episode, Brian talks to Chief Excitement Officer, founder of True To You Branding, and Mortgage Women Magazine covergirl, Raquel Borras!  LISTEN to this episode and SUBSCRIBE to The Brian Covey Show Raquel’s passion is to help clients bring to life a personal brand that is “true to you”! Raquel’s expertise in social media and branding started with LinkedIn, where she studied other social media moguls and influencers. Because of her love for people and talent for audience engagement, her social media presence continues to increase very quickly. Raquel believes that bringing valuable content, authenticity and vulnerability to your social media is the key to gaining a strong following and presence.  In this episode, you’ll learn: The importance of having a personal brand…even during a pandemic. How your brand can attract your ideal customer.Being consistent with who you are – professionally and personally.    Connect with Raquel: LinkedIn – –