In this episode, Brian talks to author, executive coach, and founder of Pivot 2 Change, Julian Sado.  LISTEN to this episode and subscribe at Julian is an Author, NLP Practitioner, and Executive Coach who has worked with some of the top C-suite influencers and Leaders of today. He has become a key contributor within several mortgage companies and also other industries by focusing on leadership imperatives, employee engagement, retention, consumer sales, and service perceptions. Combining his wealth of experience in human potential from being a Talent Agent in Hollywood, CA, to kick-boxing instructor for Hollywood, to Corporate leadership to being personally mentored by Jim Rohn. In everything he does, he is applying his studies and research in behavioral coaching, emotional intelligence, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), neuroscience, and a host of communication techniques. Julian has tapped into individuals’ mindsets in order to drive the development of world-class business synergy. In this episode, you’ll learn: Why you need to STOP learning. What it actually takes to take yourself to the next level. How management styles have drastically shifted with the pandemic. What is NLP and why does it matter? Connect with Julian:Website: www.pivot2change.comFacebook: