In the season 2 launch, Brian talks to world-renowned life,  business strategist, and Founder and Chief Evangelist for Obsessed Academy™, Evan Stewart. Through a unique blend of professional, personal, and spiritual development, Evan Stewart is sought after for sound counsel regarding clarity, purpose, giftedness, calling, and obsession, in addition to his expertise in scaling companies and driving profits for small, mid-market, and corporate organizations.

His proprietary training systems, ability to refine an individual’s mission and message, and proficiency in honing the gifts and unique abilities of each of his private clients are among the highest-regarded tools his clients utilize to achieve their life and business goals. Simply put, Evan’s work transcends cultural, physical, economic, and spiritual boundaries to stir the souls of the people and businesses with whom he works.

As the Founder and Chief Evangelist for Obsessed Academy™, Evan helps others build a life they can be obsessed about™ through private events, hosting thousands of world-changers at the Obsessed Conference, impacting lives on the Obsessed Podcast, speaking to the world’s most forward-thinking companies, and more.


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