There are ways to use capitalism for good. If you just tune in to your calling and discover where your passions truly lie, you will receive guidance to build that benevolent business that will make an impact on lives around the world. But being called on to help people doesn’t mean you have to destroy your life. Britnie Turner knew from the get-go that a missionary’s life was not for her, as passionate as she is to help disadvantaged communities in Africa, especially in the ongoing fight against human trafficking. Her journey in real estate wasn’t exactly a smooth one. If you were told that she started investing in 2007, you would probably know what was coming for her. Through all these challenges (which even got to the point where she had to live in her car), Britnie never lost sight of what was important for her. She continues to do her part through her signature brand, Aerial. Listen in as she shares some powerful insights on the show with Brian Covey.





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