Mike “C-Roc” has an incredible story: from growing up in a broken home to becoming a motivational speaker, creating a book, starting a podcast, creating a tech company, and inspiring millions across the world.



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Mike C-Roc grew up in a broken home & ended up living with his mom till he was 8yrs old.  At that time his mom was getting remarried to her 3rd husband, so he wanted to live with his dad…he lived there for 3 years and it was the most difficult thing he went through. He endured emotional & physical abuse, to the point where had to sleep with a baseball bat at night.

At the age of 10 he finally opened up and let his  mom know what was going on at his dad’s house… this led to his mom serving C-Roc’s dad with court papers for full custody

“When you believe in something in life there’s gonna be people with other agendas.  Theyre gonna try to talk you out of it…they may also try to talk you out of your beliefs because they’re trying to justify their position in life and the fact that they didn’t advance as far as you have… so you need to stick to your guns when you believe in something.”

“I found that I was taking everything that came my way, no matter what happened. Whether it was in the mortgage business, in the real estate business, in my family life, relationships, doesn’t matter.  Anything that came my way that would stop normal thinking people or slow them down, I would store it in my tank instead of my trunk where it would weigh me down. And I was able to convert it into Rocket Fuel for my future….I have to share this with people now because it works so well….it’s the rocket fuel law baby!”


Went to growthcon and Pete Vargas was the speaker.  It influenced & inspired C-Roc to say “’I’m gonna do this’…I was playing way too small of a game.  I had some potential inside of me that I wasn’t giving credit to.”

“every day subconsciously I tell myself why am I doing these things?… but at the end of the day you don’t really know the big picture, what I call the omni focused vision: we’re all individually focused instead of omni focused. You don’t really know a lot of times until you get down the road in the journey and you look back and you’re like ‘woah dude, holy cow! I’m so glad I said yes to that!’”


Wrote a book called Rocket Fuel: Mikecroc.com/book for his book

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