Angela Proffitt grew up in a very normal household where dad worked & mom stayed home with the kids. Went to college and became a psychology major. Worked in a mental hospital and it was draining on her, she felt like she couldn’t give the help that they needed, so she left that field.

She and her sister started coordinating weddings for fun at her uncle’s venue. Things started to pick up and she realized that she had a knack for this and wanted to continue to do it… it has now turned into an empire of a business.


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A few things came up:


 “My whole perspective of life shifted, because I started to become surrounded by my people: my tribe…with the right people in place you start listening to your audience and that’s how all these things have built: with a lot of strategy, a lot of focus, and a lot of help”


“I did all the things my parents told me to do… I had a great job… I was happy in healthcare, I was good at it, but that’s not REALLY what made me happy. It really wasn’t. And I learned a lot, but if you have this burning desire in you that there is something more… if you have that feeling, you owe it to yourself. If you don’t take a risk how the hell are you ever going to know? And you’re always going to have it in the back of your head ‘what if I would’ve done that or tried this?’”


“You have to do the work and you have to implement and execute….the one thing I will never do is not have a basic understanding of what we’re doing or what we’re selling.”


“Until you’re willing to change and you’re willing to put the work in for you, I can’t help you and I don’t think anybody else can”


“change your mindset…money isn’t really bad, it’s a tool. And the more you have, the more you can help, and the more you can do the more you can impact.”

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