Life, as we see it, should be balanced and harmonized. Going through family duties and managing work responsibilities create a tremendous impact on balancing life. In this episode, life coach and business strategist of Embrace The Lion, Cody Jefferson, mentors you about the skillsets that he has achieved through spiritual and professional communities. Leadership is not a role, it’s a calling. What you portray to your team will exhibit the results and outcome of each of your decision. Join in the conversation and learn what might have been lacking in your drive as a leader and a team player as Cody takes us on his journey through life and how his ups and downs have given him strength to “embrace the lion” inside of him.


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Cody Jefferson is a father, entrepreneur, public speaker, life and business coach, and the founder of Embrace The Lion.


He is the creator of Lion:Elite, the #1 Group Performance Program for Kingdom-Minded Men looking to LIVE their legacy in life and business. Cody coaches and advises CEO’s, business owners, and entrepreneurs on scaling their business, growing their impact and influence, and how establishing a robust professional/personal life balance will significantly boost the bottom line. 


When not working with clients or traveling to speak, Cody can be found wrenching on old Harleys, going on road trips with his son, or at Dana Point with his best friends trying to take on waves that are way out of his skill level.


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A few things came up:


Cody Jefferson – a coach, mentor and communicator – takes us on his journey through life and how his ups and downs have given him strength to “embrace the lion” inside of him. Cody has taken his experiences in life to create a platform for others to be learn how to be the leader that walks with their team, not in front of them.


“You can’t pour from an empty cup….if you’re not really careful in managing your time, if you’re not really careful in managing your mental health what happens is you start to be come co-dependent on other people’s need for you”


“Rather than being the leader that comes across aggressive and a bit wounded, I’m going to walk with people.”


“We can only lead to our level of awareness…we can look at that objectively and we can look at itwith a humility saying ‘this is how I’ve always done it, but might there be a better way?’”


“I think of pain as: if we don’t transform it, we transmit it”


“Men aren’t finding fulfillment as a whole because we are being told to do and do and do, but we don’t know how to be. We weren’t ever really taught how to create emotional help for ourselves.”


“We have to look at what we can control…head, heart, health, and habits.”


“One of the things that I learned is so long as you’re willing to pour, people will always have their cup out. So you need to make sure that you are filling your cup first.”


“If I could leave you with one piece of insight, it’s that your purpose and your promise in this life is not an expectation to live up to, that it is a divine appointment that you get to live out of. And when we can reframe that and understand that everything is a gift and everything had to happen in the way that it happened in order to create the testimony that you have today and that failure is nothing more than feedback so long as we want to take the proper steps: forward in faith to find favor.”

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